ADA Remediation

ADA Remediation Professionals

State licensed and insured. We provide all our New York customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality installation of ADA Remediation in New York. Unbeatable prices. Fast and efficient installations.

Pave The Way Contractors is the top Handicap Accessible Contractors in Sacramento, CA. We specialize in everything from large jobs such as stadium parking lots and city roads to homeowner associations and everything in between. Our fleet of advanced paving equipment and high-quality concrete and asphalt materials mean you are getting the highest quality work with durability that will last. Call us today to learn more!

What Is the ADA? Making Sure You Are Compliant

Commercial or public properties that don’t adhere to these guidelines are hindering those who are disabled from accessing properties. An example would be a restaurant that does not build a ramp for those who are in wheelchairs so that they can get inside the building. These businesses or other entities may face stiff fines or penalties for failing to grant access to their facility.


Fire Damage Restoration

When fire damages your property, the road to recovery can feel overwhelming. At Pave The Way Contractors, we offer comprehensive fire restoration services to help you rebuild and restore your property to its pre-fire condition. As experts in fire restoration services, we will immediately get started to ensure the investigation is properly started.

Storm Damage Restoration

Living in Sacramento, CA can be an adventure in many ways. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and we sometimes experience all four seasons in one week. It can snow a foot and be 80 degrees in a matter of days, which wreaks havoc on our homes and businesses. With the ever-changing weather, it’s important to have a storm damage restoration company in mind just in case.