Grading & Excavation

Grading & Excavation Professionals

Pave The Way Contractors is the top Grading and excavation contractor in San Diego and Los Angeles because we take pride in our work, completing every job on time and on budget. Grading and excavation is a common element of an asphalt or concrete paving project and is critical to be done the right way. When not done correctly, poor grading and excavation can lead to improper drainage, cracked and damaged pavement, and safety issues.

Pavement Excavation and Demolition

Excavation and demolition is often part of a pavement project. Excavation is usually defined as the removal of dirt. For example excavation would be used in preparation for drainage pipes or utility lines running underneath a pavement project. Excavation is sometimes used to describe trenching or tunneling, especially for larger jobs. Demolition generally describes the removal of a building or other structure. Demolition is often part of a pavement project when structures are removed to make space for a parking lot. Although excavating and demolition are someones categorized together, they are separate parts of a construction or paving job and require different equipment.

Site Development

We start with land clearing, grading, and excavating, while simultaneously instituting erosion control measures on projects for residential homes, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and government installations. We continue with clearing, sediment controls, earthwork, and the installation of underground utilities. We finish the job with asphalt paving, curb and gutters, and sidewalks. has earned recognition for undertaking multifaceted site development projects, embracing emerging technologies.

Underground Utilities

Our team of professionals are experts at executing tight schedules and identifying value engineering ideas that ensure projects are completed in the safest, most cost-effective way for the clients we serve. We have the expertise, manpower, and equipment to successfully deliver large and small installations and renovations or upgrades of underground utility projects, including sanitary sewers, manholes, water mains, storm drains, pond piping, conduits, pump stations, and box culverts.