Drainage & Utility Construction

Drainage & Utility Construction Professionals

Storm water drainage is designed to redirect excess rain water from roadways, parking lots and sidewalks to an underground system of catch basins and pipes. Once underground, the water is diverted away from residential and commercial areas to a larger body of water. Contractors that build and design storm water drainage systems are required to follow state and local EPA laws. A storm water drainage system that is not properly designed can result in flooding and damage to property.

Utilities / Storm Drain

We have continued to specialize in water, sewer, and storm drainage networks that are in conjunction with roadway, bridge, and grading projects, in addition to independent water, sewer, and storm drainage contracts. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise in the utility industry has enabled us to successfully execute the smallest water line project up to multi-million-dollar pipeline projects. We are planning for the continued growth of our utility division in the future as more and more utility work becomes available as municipal and county facilities continue to age and become outdated and highway work expands. We are equipped to handle any and all utility projects both large and small.

Water Lines (Installation & Repair)

Water lines are the veins that deliver water throughout your community. Pave The Way Contractors has been designing, building and maintaining water systems for municipalities for more than many years. We keep water moving to homes all over Sacramento, CA.

Whether you are a residential or commercial developer or a municipality, trust Pave The Way Contractors to design, build or maintain your water lines.

Sanitary Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are an important part to keeping a municipality clean and functional. Sewer lines move waste water from houses and commercial properties to a local water treatment facility to be cleaned.

Our teams at Pave The Way Contractors specialize in installing and repairing sewer lines. We use our vast knowledge of state and local sanitary sewer requirements and laws to finish your job right the first time.